Remodeling Magazine’s Top 50

big50Carey Contracting was named one of the top 50 remodeling firms in the United States by Remodeling Magazine.

A healthy bottom line is the carrot that keeps many remodelers working in a tough business. Not Mike Carey.

“Everybody wants to be profitable,” said Carey, who works on Michigan’s rural Upper Peninsula, “but how much profit is enough.”

He would rather measure success by providing good working conditions that enhance his employees’ lives and, ultimately, his customers’ lives, too.

A member of Michigan’s OSHA Board of Appeals, Carey is big on worker safety. Before renovating a paper mill’s boiler house, for instance, he plotted carefully, timed work and rest shifts to prevent his field crew from suffering heat exhaustion.

He also sees to his employees’ needs in other ways, offering ongoing professional training and a comprehensive benefits package. In return, his loyal, cheerful team cranks out a mix of commercial and residential projects for a varied clientele.

His clients have only one thing in common: They all call Carey for unusual jobs.

“Problem-solving is practically our niche,” Carey said.

One example: During a bathroom remodel, the firm built an inexpensive lift from scratch for a disabled client who couldn’t afford one through his health-care provider. Carey’s people-centered vision has shaped the firm’s approach to marketing, as well. Donating work to charity, a series of television spots, and a strong Web site all boost the company’s visibility.”

Remodeling Magazine, May 1998

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