Looking Back: Our 10 Most Memorable Job Sites

This year we are celebrating thirty years in business. Thirty years in business also means we have thirty years of interesting job sites. This week on our blog we’re going to share The 10 Most Memorable Job Sites.

10. House Full of Bats

We’re quite fond of bats in general. They eat mosquitoes and other pests; they also help with pollination and seed dispersion; but we also understand the health hazards associated with them living in your house. Which is why we’ve learned the correct way of dealing with bat infestations of all sizes.


Bat Guano (poop)

This house in particular had a lot of bats in the attic. This job was memorable because it became the job site that taught us about bat infestations. Because of this particular house we now know how to properly and safely remove bat guano as well as how to build a bat house to relocate the population. We also know how to spot where their entry points are and to seal them off. Did you know bats can fit through a crack as small as a 1/2 an inch?

9. The Bell Tower

We have a lot of experience working on churches. In fact, two separate ones make our list today. The bell tower was very memorable. We actually took the original bell tower off of the church, replaced the spire, and placed it back on top of the tower. We don’t get to play with cranes very often so when we do, our crews definitely remember it.




New Bell Tower






8. Nursing Home Fire

This one is memorable for all the wrong reasons… We were called in to fix fire damage at a nursing home. Two of the residents died as a result of the fire and the rest were unable to return home until the damage was repaired.


Fire Damage at a Local Nursing Home

7. Gymnasium Addition

A local church was in need of a remodel and wanted to create a fun space for people to enjoy. They decided the best way to do this, was by adding a gymnasium to their church. This was memorable for two reasons; it was our first time building a gymnasium and because it was a large renovation. Not only did we create the gym addition, we also remodeled the kitchen and the entrance of the church.


6. Deck Turned Screened Porch

This was memorable because it was a fun project to work on with a set of eager homeowners. Our crews got to try some products they’ve not had the opportunity to work with before like a glass panel railing system. Both the homeowners and Carey Contracting are proud of this finished project.


Glass Railing System





5. Complex Deck

We work with a lot of decks but this is the most complex we’ve done to date. We’ll admit, this deck tested our geometry skills at times; but we love a challenge. Difficult, strange, and odd projects are kind of our niche.

Complex Deck

Complex Deck

4. Home Remodel

In 2014 a homeowner came to us after a broken heater resulted in a major water loss in their cottage over the winter. We dried and cleaned up the water loss and were brought back in for the reconstruction. The results were phenomenal and everyone is very happy with the end results.


3. House Beautiful

In 2006, one of the homes we remodeled was featured on the cover of House Beautiful magazine. The magazine was published in several different languages. Aside from the magazine, the remodel was fantastic. We got to work with designer Kathryn Scott and create a beautiful home away from home.

House Beautiful July 2006 cover (2) scott bathroom6 scott kitchen2 scott cottage3

2. Propane Explosion

This is a hunting camp that was occupied at the time of a propane explosion. The explosion is thought to be caused by the propane lighting. Everyone is doing just fine and the camp is back up and running.

This was a memorable project because it was our first propane explosion and also a challenge for our crews. They had to find ways of keeping the camp safe and secure as they worked to repair it and find ways to replace everything (plumbing, air ducts, electrical, doors, walls, windows, etc.) in a building that was unstable upon our arrival.







1. Deer Breaking and Entering

This is one of those stories we just can’t make up. The homeowner was out of town and had a neighbor checking in on her house. The neighbor went over one day and everything was fine, then next day we were called in for a frozen pipe in the bedroom.

As it turns out a deer, yes a deer, had jumped through the bedroom window which allowed the cold winter air in and led to frozen pipes. The deer got out fairly unscathed on his/her own. Below are photos from the home and evidence of the deer in the house.


Deer poop!

Deer poop!


Small amounts of blood



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