What A Compliment! Vol. 1

We often meet in the midst of a disaster. The urgent phone call that water is pouring into your basement and the smokey aftermath of a home fire is all too familiar with us. We also get the opportunity to help your home reach its full potential by completing the large or small┬áremodel your home has always needed. No matter what your reason for picking up the phone and contacting us–the journey we take together is well worth it in the end. That’s why we’re publishing (online only) some of our favorite testimonials and letters of recommendation from our customers and companies we’ve had the pleasure to work with.

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“Dear Mike,

Jack and I have been building or remodeling for the past 30-years, everything from homes to having an intimate involvement in the construction and design of $300+ million dollar casino hotels. It didn’t take me long to develop an attitude that I would rather get a nasty case of the measles than work with people in construction. I developed a working theory that the construction industry attracted all the misfits of society and that this HAD to explain the poor working habits, poor communication skills and just plain awful personality characteristics of the construction industry on the whole. And, so, I didn’t expect anything different, truthfully, when we hired Carey Construction to handle the small remodel job in our home. ┬áI simply prepared for the tug and pull to begin. However, now that the project is finished, I think I am still in a state of shock with regard to how well this project was executed by you and your team. When Roger and Paul left for the last time, I said to myself, “Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus…”

From the day we met with you and Glen, to Roger and Paul’s last day, everything went exactly as planned. Mike, I appreciated the intuitiveness and suggestions you gave us as we discussed how to proceed. I appreciated Glen’s initial coordination of design, layout, and purchasing and follow through with the budget and timeline. Roger and Paul showed up everyday on schedule. And, we know that Mike Peterson was in the background ensuring that the details were taken care of behind the scenes.

I must tell you that Roger and Paul were a delight to work with. They cleaned up every day before they left and they were very concerned about keeping dust out of the rest of the house. The listened well and helped us brainstorm the little wrinkles and deviations that generally occur in any construction project. As you have probably surmised by now, Jack is Attila the Hun around construction projects and gives “perfectionism” a whole new definition. He built and entire house himself once, including wiring, pluming, roofing, etc. But Roger and Paul survived quite well! When Jack told me that Roger taught him a thing or two about how to hang a door, I was amazed. Way to go Roger! This was a first! But, it all starts at the top. Once, when I complimented them, they referred to you and said that you train your people well by effectively communicating your expectations to your construction crews. It is clear to me that all those who work for you, not only like working for you, but also respect your leadership. That, then, filters down to those of us on the receiving end of your products and services, and it is we who benefit.

Thank you for allowing Jack and I to use your shop garage to verathane what I swear was a million linear feet of wood (no one can tell me differently, either). I was over the project the first day — big time. But, your staff, led by Colleen, made us feel warmly welcome, frequently offering coffee and keeping the garage warm while we worked. We also appreciate the fact that your subs obviously respect and like working for Carey Construction, because they showed up when expected. Amazing!

Thanks for helping us better prepare our place for sale. We would — and do — heartily recommend you to anyone who wants to build a quality project on time and on budget.

Best regards,

Carmen Sims”

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