Fast-paced build becomes a flagship store

When Chris Cooper of Thornby’s Inc. wanted to build a striking new Iron Mountain area Arby’s® in 2007, he not only wanted it done right, he wanted it done quickly.

“Sometimes I set expectations that I don’t think are undreasonable, but if I looked at it from other sides, they might be,” admitted Cooper.

Anxious to start bringing in revenue, Cooper set out to have the store open in three months. And his design consultant, Gilbert Cheves of Construction Consultants of Michigan, knew just the right contractor for the job.

“I’ve been associated with Mike Carey for some time and was aware of his commercial work and reputation for quality,” Cheves said.

He noted that when using Arby’s standard model designs and desiring a quick build—the right contractor is of the utmost imporatance.

“Arby’s designs are complex and often have extraneous design details,” he said. “Its good to be able to sit down with a knowledgeable group like Carey Contracting to develop the project. Carey Contracting is willing to work in that design/build relationship, which takes off time and cost from projects.”

And in three months, the new 2,800 square foot, 74-seat Arby’s was ready to open.

“Everyone in town commented on how fast it went up,” Mike Carey said. “Our organized, strict approach made it flow smoothly.”

Cheves and Cooper were also pleased, nothing that they would definitely work with Carey Contracting again, calling it a “first class project,” and that the team was very honest and up-front.

“If anyone would ask me if I would recommend Carey Contracting, it would be a resounding ‘YES!'” Cooper said. “Overall, they did a phenomenal job; it exceeeded my expecations.”

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