Strangest Job Site of 2014

Living in the UP most of us have had some sort of critter in our house be it a chipmunk that the cat brought in or a bat in the fall. This however is the first time I’ve ever heard of a deer, yes that kind of deer, damaging a house. Yup, you heard me right, a deer damaged a house. And we have proof!


Deer entered in through the window that is boarded over. Causing the room to lose heat and the water pipe to freeze and burst. Which led to the stalactite forming on the ceiling. By the way, you’re looking at a frozen solid waterbed.

I feel like this is a messed up episode of a crime show drama. I can hear it now “The deer broke into the house around 7 pm and left the premises approximately four hours later.” BTW we have no idea what time the deer was actually there.

It sounds ridiculous until you see the amount of deer pellets (deer poop) left throughout the room. Luckily the bedroom door was closed otherwise the damage would have been throughout the home.

Deer poop!

Deer poop!

And the blood from next to the window… It is a small amount of blood and I think he’s gonna be alright!


Deer blood on the bed and the wall.

Now onto the water damage…


Here’s where the pipe burst.


Photo of the pond next to the bed. Our crew cut out the sections of the ice they could rather than melting all of it. This cut down on the time it took to dry out the rest of the rest of the space and ultimately got us out of the home quicker.


Another section of the ice.


Section of ice the crews chopped out.


More ice!


Stalactites forming on the ceiling.


Have no fear! Our crew is here! They’ll make this room all better.

We love kitchen and bathroom remodels, but we also love to tell a good story. This will definitely be one of the more memorable jobs we’ve had the opportunity to work on. What’s the strangest thing you’ve had to report to the insurance agency?

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