Design Resources

Do you have a difficult time coordinating colors? Not good at visualizing what a room when look like once its completed? Or are you just itching to try out your design skills?

No matter the reason, we have your resources! Just click the sub-headings below to take you right to the resource.

Color Coordination:

  • Design Seeds: This is a new take on paint chips and color swatches. Founded by Jessica out of Madison, WI. A “seed” is a color palette based off of an image. Jessica digitally “mixes” the colors for images that are user submitted to Instagram. See the blooming brights example below. To go from this color palette to paint for your walls. Simply print and bring to any paint counter and find matching (or similar) colors from the available paint chips. Some stores are able to customize colors from the samples you bring in. *Keep in mind-not all colors replicate from digital to paint. Ask the paint department for help and advice.* Visit Design Seeds to see the full array of color palettes.

    blooming brights

    Image provided by Design Seeds

  • Behr Color Smart: Allows you to view the entire collection of Behr Paint digitally. You can choose room photos out of their pre-made gallery or you can upload your own photo and see the color in your house. The simplicity of this online tool is a definite plus! Visit the Behr website to try out this tool.

Furniture Layout/Finishings:

  • Autodesk Homestyler: This is a very detailed online tool that works well for the finishing process of your remodel. The program allows you to choose from pre-designed floor plans or customize your own. It also allows you to choose from thousands of finishes; everything from floor coverings to wall artwork. The Shopping List feature is very helpful by providing the paint color and brand as well as the dimensions for the wall artwork. If you choose furniture pieces provided by a brand you are given a link to their website via the Shopping List. Often you can purchase the products directly from their websites.


  • Pinterest: User friendly online bulletin board. Give you the ability to keep things organized digitally complete with links to the original articles and pinspiration. 
  • Tons of articles, products, and inspirations, specifically for houses. No recipes here! Complete with reviews and photos from the professionals you’re considering for your home projects.
  • Classic Inspiration Board: I am a firm believer that not everything has to be digital today… That’s why I’m leaving you with the classic Inspiration Board. Take the old bulletin board out of the garage, dress it up, and keep it somewhere you’ll see it. Cut out the photos from magazines and print off things you like from online. Having items you can physically touch may be the difference in changing from an idea to reality. 

Image provided by


What else would you add to our list? How do you best organize for a large project? Are you more plan ahead or go with the flow? Let us know in the comments!

5 Spring Projects for DIY Beginners!

In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan we know the Winter Blues. Only in the U.P. do we get 6+ inches of snow one day and nearly 70 degrees the next. This bi-polar spring cycle is familiar to us, which is why when we get those 70 degree days we can’t wait to get out an enjoy it!

This is our today… 5 to 6 inches of snow fell last night at our Iron Mountain, MI office.

IMG_20150410_092451Luckily our tomorrow is a high of 58 degrees and 68 degrees by the weekend! Bring on the projects!

Spring projects are a constructive way to spend an otherwise un-busy weekend. Its gets us outside and enjoying the good weather while we have it and ultimately the projects make our home more comfortable and usually more functional as well.

You could spend hours looking for the best spring projects… But we’ve already done that. Though we’ve found hundreds of good contenders- we wanted to keep things simple. We were looking for projects that can actually be finished in one weekend even for DIY beginners. Here’s what we’ve found.

1. DIY Herb Garden

The Home Depot Project Sneak Peek {DIY Herb Garden} #digin #ad

We are in no way sponsored by Home Depot but Ginger Snap Crafts is sponsored by them. Check out her blog here for the complete tutorial!

2. DIY Wall Decor

Really Simple Weekend Project. Create you own wall decor!

The above image was found on tumbler. But this is something very simple to DIY. Either find over sized letters online and paint to match the decor or make your own letters out of plywood, 2 x 10’s, or scrap wood you have laying around. Either way, the results would be great!

3. Industrial Coffee Table

diy coffee table

This Industrial Coffee Table was found on The Locker. follow the link to find out the basic construction. You may want this a different height or size depending on your living space.

4. Rustic Bench

rustic $15 bench

Find the tutorial for this bench here. This bench was found on The Happier Homemaker’s blog. The instructions were found on

5. Cedar Bench

The Cedar Bench Project was found on the mydailyrandomness blog. No tutorial included, but the project is pretty self-explanatory.

There you have it! There are 5 Great Spring Projects to get you started. Which ones are going on your list? Are there any Spring Projects that you’ve tackled that you would like to share?

If you liked this post check out the blogs mentioned. They have tons of other ideas that you may want to try out. Also, if you liked our post please give it some love and share it on Pinterest, Facebook, or any other Social Media!