Project “S” Part I

Our crew has gotten to know Mr. and Mrs. “S” quite well over the last few months. Our crew was with them on Day 1 when we got the urgent phone call asking us to come look at their flooded basement. As usual, when we arrived at their home we immediately began taking photos.

S Flood-Edited

Water in the Basement

We take photos throughout the process for a few different reasons.

1. This helps us to work with your insurance agency. We can pinpoint things throughout the photos so when the insurance company questions it (its their job to question everything, so it is expected) we have proof to back us and the homeowner up.

2. Photographing everything makes it easier for the homeowner to find replacements for antiques, electronics, and other items and report all of it to their insurance.

3. We like to send progress photos. Many of our clients contact us about their summer homes. When they aren’t from the area, sending progress photos regularly helps them see what’s going on in their home. On large projects, we also like to send a final summary of the project to the insurance agent. That way they can see what all that money was used for.


Once the photos were taken we got straight to work. The water is removed form the home and we begin the drying process. We use air movers to circulate air throughout the home helping it dry and rescue mats which we lay on hardwood floors to help them dry and try to prevent the floor from buckling.

There is a true science involved in drying a home to industry standards. Moisture readings are how we determine when the home is dry. Our technicians use a device which captures the dampness in the home and the contents. The moisture reading is then combined with other factors such as the size of the home which then determines the type and how much equipment is needed to dry the home to industry standards. How long it takes to dry depends specifically on how wet your home is.

Once the home for Mr. and Mrs. “S” was dry and contents were dry and cleaned, it was to to begin the renovation process. This particular couple decided to take the opportunity and create the home they had always wanted. They met with our in-house designer, Stacy, and started with the details of their renovation.

Our next blog post will go into detail with the renovation part of Project “S”.