Online vs. irl (In Real Life)

Most everything can be purchased online today everything from shoes to well… sinks. Which leads us to this particular post.

The Story:

Recently a customer purchased a sink from online for her home remodel. It was exactly what she was looking for and the price was right. The homeowner decided to go through with the sink and pay for this particular upgrade out of pocket as it wasn’t through one of our suppliers.


Beautiful isn’t it?

When the sink finally arrived… our crew attempted installation. After many hours of trimming, leveling, and trying to get the sink square this is what we were left with.

photo (1)

Uhhh, maybe not.

We all make mistakes whether it’s us or the homeowner. This however was a particularly costly one. The homeowner had to choose another sink which we then had to install again and the project took a bit longer for completion to happen as we were waiting for our other sink.

What did we learn from this?

Consider this a lesson learned. As a local experienced company Carey Contracting makes a conscious effort to purchase supplies locally. We have the connections to get everything you need for your project and if you have something particular in mind we can usually succeed in getting it through one of the companies our suppliers carry or we may be able to find someone that is able to custom-make what you’re looking for. We trust our suppliers because we’ve been working with many of them since we started in this business almost 30 years ago.

If something goes wrong with one of our suppliers we deal with them professionally and directly to get to a solution to the problem. If something would have happened to a sink from one of our suppliers we would have either exchanged it for a new one, returned it, or ate the cost of it. Whereas in the situation above, the homeowner was left to deal with the internet sink.

Kitchen Compl Photo - Sobeski

All done!


Don’t worry, the sink turned out beautifully even with the snags that happened.


1. If you absolutely must purchase online for your project… please, please please make sure its from a trusted source not a third party online supplier.

2. Discuss with your contractor before pulling the trigger on online orders.

3. Make sure you have tried all other options first!

Welcome to the New Year!

The New Year is all about goal setting and mapping out your year. Let’s talk about what you see for your home. Do you see a new home in your future? Do you have visions of a new bathroom? kitchen? or addition? Do you see your elderly parents wanting to stay in their home longer? Do you see your home flooding in the frigidness of February?

1-17 015

Some of these things we predict and plan for like purchasing a new home or renovating your current one to make it better suit your family. For the expected, you can always turn to Carey Contracting. Our professional team can handle your renovation whether it be big or small. We can work with your designer or architect or you can work with our in-house designer. Our crew cleans up at the end of each day so the mess and dust of renovation is not tracked throughout your home.

Burst pipes in the frigidness of and Upper Peninsula February are not on the itinerary; however, life happens. If/When this, or worse, happens to you first call your insurance agency, second call Carey Contracting. Our years of experience has led to many insurance renovations. We have the training needed to take care of your home when a flood or fire occurs and to keep damage to a minimum.


Another year in the history books means that our families are growing older too. Our Baby Boomer generation parents are in need of a more functional home that will help them stay at home for years to come. Our previous post Aging in Place describes some ways to update a home for the functional needs of aging family members.

If you find yourself or others in need of assistance with home projects or problems throughout 2015 we hope you’ll give them our name and number. All of us at Carey Contracting wish you all a Happy New Year and Fantastic 2015!