Project Planning with Pinterest

One of the many remodels Carey Contracting has done. This one was pre-Pinterest.

One of the many remodels Carey Contracting has done. This one was pre-Pinterest.

We love to help our clients out  of their insurance nightmares, but boy are we happy when a remodel walks through our doors! Sometimes its nice to help a homeowner out with a planned project.

Of course remodels come with its own set of issues, like the assortment of decisions to be made. Which is why we’ve began using a new tool for our clients to use. Pinterest. Some of our clients come in familiar with this new social media website and others have no experience. Either way it is simple to use, and we leave it completely up to the client if they would like to use it on their project.

Anything short of a million questions seems like a miracle when going through a remodel. At Carey Contracting we don’t want to make the wrong choice for your home, after all you’ll be the one living there for the next 10 years. We’ve recently begun using Pinterest to help homeowners show us ideas and designs that they would like to see in their home. It helps give our clients a visual and allows us to see things that are sometimes difficult to explain.

Everything from paint colors, doors, flooring, windows, etc. can be found on the internet and kept together in one place where homeowners and our designer can see “the look” you’re going for. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of the design process and is really helpful to us when we’re trying to describe the products you would like to see to our vendors and suppliers.

Here’s a very brief overview on how to use Pinterest.

1. First, learn the basics of what pins and boards are by watching this short video.

2.. Create a Pinterest account. It’s very easy! Just go to and choose Sign up with Facebook or Sign Up by Email. Follow the directions and Take the Tour.

*If you choose the Sign up with Facebook option, you do need access to the email account associated with your Facebook account.

3. Follow us! Click in the search bar in the top left corner of your screen. Type in Carey Contracting then click the magnifying glass (search icon) or hit enter. Next click the Pinners tab (this allows you to see people named Carey Contracting, rather than what we’ve posted). Then click the red Follow Me underneath our icon.

4. You’re all ready to explore and pin to your heart’s desire! When you find something you like and would like us to see, just click the red Pin It button on the top left corner of the photo and add the pin to the secret board we’ve created for you.

You can also get the Pin It button for the bookmark bar of your browser. This allows you to Pin photos from other websites. Get the Pin It button for your browser here.

Experiment with Pinterest first. If you decide that you want to use Pinterest with us for your project, contact our office. We’ll be happy to set it up with you!


  • Change the description under the photo. Tell us what you like (or don’t like about the photos)!
  • Create many different boards, either public or private, during the initial phase of your project (you have the option of making them secret boards). Once you narrow your style or to what you would like our designer to see then pin them to our shared secret board.
  • Pinterest’s Help Center is very useful and can answer any questions you may have. They also have a company blog that is also very helpful and is regularly updated.