The ultimate custom kitchen

A diminutive wife and mother, very young children and a eye to detail guided the design of this extraordinary kitchen remodel.

At only 5โ€™ tall, the woman of the house wanted a kitchen in which she could be comfortable while preparing her gourmet meals and keeping a careful watch on her young children. With meticulous measurements, all working spaces are a bit lower than normal, making food preparation on the counters and island easier. The core, most used storage areas are under custom built cabinets, making access easier, especially for the children. When designing the pantry, shelf placement was determined by measuring cereal boxes and canned goods. Each drawer was created by measuring spice containers, odd shaped utensils, storage containers and other kitchen elements. The cabinets were custom made from quarter sawn oak paneling from Minnesota. Additional paneling was installed as wainscotting, complementing the cabinets.
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