Flood, fire or storms – we can help

Carey Contracting has years of experience helping homeowners cope with disruptive events. If disaster should strike, immediately report the incident to your insurance company and call Carey Contracting for temporary repairs to prevent further damage or vandalism. Save all your receipts. Payments for temporary repairs are part of the insurance settlement. If you are displaced from your home, motel and meals are often reimbursable under most insurance policies.

Carey Contracting will serve as your advocate and prepare a written estimate for the insurance adjuster that includes details of the materials to be used and prices on a line-by-line basis. You and your insurance company will know exactly what repairs will cost—no surprises. Professional adjusters appreciate our assistance and advice.

Julie Cowling, a victim of a house fire said: “Having a house fire is a major life event. In the thrust of the disaster, you are faced with so many decisions and issues at one time. The emotions run from getting the task at hand of re-grouping your life—finding a place to live, settling your family in temporary quarters and dealing with the trauma, maintaining your work schedule and demands, contacting the insurance company and beginning what will likely be a six month to one year process of restoring your home and your possessions.

“In our recent August 2006 house fire, we quickly had to secure our house and prevent further damage, get personal or valuable items protected, and figure out how we were going to have the insurance process proceed and what contractors we would use,” Julie added. “We quickly identified that locally there are very few companies with the experience, expertise, and ability to perform this function on an overall basis. Carey Contracting and ServiceMaster® offered us that solution. They were able to secure the premise, make sure no additional damage was occurring, and very handily took control of the direction of the insurance process. This provides immediate representation with the insurance company. Many people in their delay to determine what they are going to do, and getting the data to arrive and re-build, refurbish, or taking a cash settlement give up their authority to their insurance company because they simply don’t understand the process. This did not happen here. Carey’s expertise and professionalism aligned our insurance adjuster’s function with our desires with a proactive third party (Carey) marshalling the process. Carey Contracting worked closely with our insurance company to determine appropriate replacement cost and damages within weeks of our loss. That allowed construction to begin nearly immediately, resulted in us getting the repair/replacement cost of our home and getting us back into our house as quickly as possible. The selection of subcontractors and the bidding process allowed us to have a top quality replacement, maximized our insurance proceeds, and resulted in the best possible home restoration we could have imagined. We are convinced that acting as one’s own general contractor would have been piecemeal—not only in the time you would have to dedicate, but you would be in way over your head.

“Whether a fire or a voluntary restoration project, you are taking on a very complex and lengthy process with a significant amount of money being spent. Doing it right the first time and qualifying your outside professionals is essential to a successful project. Our experience from beginning to end with Carey was positive. They work in a win-win manner and do a top rate job.”