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Retirement Years

When Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) are enjoying their holidays golfing, hunting, fishing or traveling, it’s hard to think about the “retirement years.” They are way too busy enjoying life to contemplate the next phase 20 years.

But by 2020, the population of retirement-age Americans is expected to grow by 75%. In a recent AARP survey of respondents 45 and older, 83% said they would prefer to live out their lives in their current homes rather than move into a retirement community, assisted living facility or nursing home.

A Guide to Aging in Place, from the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (, says it best:

Our home is our security... The control we wield in our home is the source of our independence, dignity and quality of life. But remaining in our homes is not without certain challenges. Homes that were convenient when we were younger can cause problems in later years. As our lifestyle and needs change, so should our home environments.

In order to “age in place” many homes will need minor and/or major remodeling, depending on the specific needs of the occupants and conditions of their home.

Minor changes are easy to implement with little cost. 


Small remodeling projects include: 

Larger remodeling projects include: 

These projects need not be done at one time, but over the years, when other changes are being made, incorporate them into other improvements.

Mike Carey has attended a formal course of study offered by the National Association of Home Builders: Certified Aging in Place Specialist. The program educates architects, builders and remodelers about the challenges of preparing a home for staying in place as the homeowners age.

Manufacturers who have been watching this trend have created decorative and innovative products to blend in with a home’s decor. The safety elements added to a home do not make it look institutional, but rather add to the detail of the home as well as to the functionality.

Carey Contracting recognizes the importance of looking ahead for its clients. Even if a homeowner hasn’t considered this facet of remodeling, Carey Contracting makes suggestions that the homeowner will appreciate 10 or 15 years after the project is completed. Call today to see what changes can help you remain in your home comfortably in your retirement years.